About Us

Our Vision:

Balanced individuals; balanced communities.

The mission of Tai Chi for Balance is to measurably improve balance and well-being, body, mind and spirit in the communities we serve. We do this through a team of well-trained instructors.

One out of three adults over 65 fall every year.  Half of those falls involve injury.  Falls have a huge cost, both in terms of dollars and independence.  Tai Chi has been recommended as a “Best Practice” to prevent falls for older adults. And even if you have a fall (because we cannot eliminate all falls) by doing Tai Chi you lessen your chances of having an injury.   If you are interested in becoming an instructor, would like a Tai Chi demonstration, or have any questions email Chris at ccj@taichibalance.org.


  • Improved social and mental well-being
  • Improved balance and physical functioning
  • Improved confidence in conducting daily activities
  • Maintained independence and improved quality of life

CDC Guide for Program Implementation

If you are interested in a class check out the schedule and check with the person listed as contact to see about joining the class.  You want to wear comfortable clothing and flat or tennis shoes .

Our Partners:

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We are an affiliate of American Tai Chi and Qigong Association (ATCQA).   

     Tai Chi for Balance Advisory Team

Nicki Ayer RN, BSN      CHI Health Faith Community Health Network

Beth Dankert Babb, OTR/L         Omaha Public Schools

Susie Davern, R.D., L.M.N.T.      Eastern Nebraska Office on Aging

Grace Knott, PT, GCS          Hillcrest Health Services

Joseph Siu, PhD        Division of Physical Therapy Education, UNMC

We are grateful for our fiscal agent, Society of St. Vincent de Paul