About Us

One out of three adults over 65 fall every year.  Half of those falls involve injury.  Falls have a huge cost, both in terms of dollars and independence.  Tai Chi has been recommended as a “Best Practice” to prevent falls for older adults. And even if you have a fall (because we cannot eliminate all falls) by doing Tai Chi you lessen your chances of having an injury.   If you are interested in becoming an instructor, would like a Tai Chi demonstration, or have any questions contact Kristina at 402-770-1827  or [email protected].


  • Improved social and mental well-being
  • Improved balance and physical functioning
  • Improved confidence in conducting daily activities
  • Maintained independence and improved quality of life

CDC Guide for Program Implementation

If you are interested in a class check out the schedule and check with the person listed as contact to see about joining the class.  You want to wear comfortable clothing and flat or tennis shoes .

Our Partners:

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We are an affiliate of American Tai Chi and Qigong Association (ATCQA).   

     Tai Chi for Balance Advisory Team

  • Nicki Ayer RN, BSN            CHI Health Faith Community Health Network
  • Beth Staenberg, OT
  • Chris Cady-Jones, MPA       Nebraska Aids Project (NAP)
  • Grace Knott, PT, GCS          Hillcrest Health Services
  • Joseph Siu, PhD                   Division of Physical Therapy Education, UNMC