Check out our upcoming trainings in November with Suman Barkhas!


Saturday, November 1st              6:00-8:00pm             Update                      $20  ONLY FOR CURRENT INSTRUCTORS

This is a chance to see Suman and work with him on the TCMBB 8-forms, some Qigong, meditation and whatever else he has to share.  (Held at Friendship Program, Inc. 7315 Maple Street)

Sunday, November 2nd               1:00-5:00pm             Dao Yin Qigong Training                         $75   OPEN TO PUBLIC

This Qigong exercise regulates breathing, controls thoughts, maintains health, improves the mind, produces clarity and promotes self-healing.  (Held at Hyp-Yoga 13049 West Center Road)

If you are interested in learning more, call Chris @ 402-393-6911Ext 166, or check out the application: Nov2014 Training Application